AGM  Meeting by video conference 09 June at 7pm 2020

Chair Lesley Dudgeon  Treasurer Susan Libeks  Secretary    Geraldine Macnab

Present Deirdre Falconer ,Caroline Hayes


  1. Welcome & Apologies : The chair welcomed everyone to the meeting. No apologies.


  1. Minutes of last AGM : Proposed   Falconer    Seconded   G. Macnab


  1. Matters Arising : None


  1. Chair Report : Find as separate document


  1. Treasurer’s Report
Income  £4,446.38    
Expenses  £4,400.65    
Annual surplus    £45.73  
Current account c/f    £1,699.88


Deposit a/c Closing Balance £13,007.19
Restricted funds 4,478.00


Small trading profit supported by annual Burns Supper. We also funded a Seniors Christmas Lunch and Childrens Christmas Party. Unfortunately we were unable to hold the bonfire & fireworks this year but are hopeful we can support this event again in 2020.

We have secured a total of £ 1000 grant funding towards purchase and installation of electronic speed signs. These are mobile signs  and with the help of Highland Council we will be able to use them in Kincraig and Insh.


  1. Confirmation of Office Bearers: S. Libeks proposes that we have no changes to the present Office Bearers who have been in place for the last 6 months only. Proposal accepted by all.


  1. Any other Business : None


  1. Date of next AGM – 11th May 2021