Meeting held 7.00 pm on Tuesday 08th February 2022 by Video conference

Chair: Lesley Dudgeon   TreasurerSusan Libeks SecretaryGeraldine Macnab

Present:  J Forbes Leith , C Hayes , I Ash ,G Culpan ,S MacKenzie ,Cllr P Hadley .


1.Welcome & Aplologies & Declarations of Interest:The chair welcomed everyone to the meeting. Apologies received from D Falconer and A Cairns.

No declarations of Interest .

2.Minutes of Last Meeting:

The minutes from 11thJanuary -Proposed  G Culpan

Seconded   S Libeks


3.Matters Arising:                                                



4.Planning  & Roads

22/01/2022– Replacement of existing outbuilding . Birchfield ,The Brae, Kincraig .

KVCC  Neutral stance

Ruthven Road Bridge – Major repair planned for spring, recent temporary repair.

Kincraig Memorial Landscaping – Application for funding made by KVCC .



4.1. Kincraig Path – Extension of application time to end of March.

Good progress with all documentation now sent to planning department. S Libeks leading this for KVCC and will liase with Jamie Williamson regarding CNPA funding for project

4.2. Kincraig public toilet and car parking in site of old telephone exchange – Funding for feasibility study has been applied for.

4.3. Platinum Jubilee – Weekend of 2,3-4 June 2022 . Celebrations proposed including bonfire ,village fete and possible hill race . J F.Leith is keen to progress this.

Reports and Correspondence:

5.1 Treasurers Report :

Overall loss of funds £562.22. No fundraising events over past 2 years.


5.2. No further correspondence regarding water supply issues. Awaiting information from Scottish Water.

5.3. Community Council Face to Face Meetings – KVCC will continue Zoom meetings for now ,planning F to F meeting in April.

5.4. Nairn River Community Council ,Land reform Bill  – KVCC no comment

5.5. Scotrail Ticket Office Consultation – KVCC discussed the importance of maintaining the Aviemore ticket office and ensuring a ticket machine for Kingussie.`

5.6. Badenoch & Strathspey Short-term Let Consultation 7thMarch – Local consultation to bring in Short-term Let legislation in advance of Nationwide Plans for this.

Plans would necessitate Licensing for Lets which would be regulated by Planning Department .

All Counsellors and interested parties advised to register views online.

5.7. Draft National Planning Framework – Online event Feb/March.



Any other Business

KVCC discussed long term hopes for reopening of Kincraig Railway Station as we move towards a more carbon neutral transport plan. No immediate possibility of this