Meeting held 7.00 pm on Tuesday 14th May 2024  Kincraig Community Hall

Chair: Gary Culpan   Treasurer:  Susan Libeks Secretary:  Geraldine Macnab

Present:    G Culpan , S Libeks ,G Macnab , D Kinnaird , A Cairns , I Ash , J Freshwater ,Cllr Russell Jones.

In Attendance : M McDougall ,D Manson,G Ross ,T Ross ,R Ormiston, W Micklethwait, B Mcintosh.

1.Welcome & Aplologies & Declarations of Interest: The chair welcomed everyone to the meeting. Apologies received from J Forbes Leith

No declarations of Interest .

2.Minutes of Last Meeting:

The minutes from 9th April 24 . 6.8  needs amended to – ‘Kincraig Signage ‘ not yet ordered

 -Approved  G Culpan     Seconded A Cairns .

3.Matters Arising: None

4.Forestry & Land Scotland

Malcolm MacDougall &Duncan Manson attended to discuss the ongoing implications of Storm Gerrit 27-28/12/23

300,000 trees were felled by the storm with the worse affected areas in the Cairngorm & Fort Augustus area.

All the trees affected locally in the Inshriach area were planted over a 2 year period.

Scots Pine has to be removed from the forest floor within 1-2 year to be commercially viable which will result in increased timber lorry traffic on the local roads already badly damaged by heavy traffic.

Highland Timber Transport are considering negotiating a plan to transport the wood within the estates to reduce impact on the B970.

 5.Planning  & Roads

Nothing this month

Interested parties attended to discuss last months planning regarding Balchroick Farm near Kincraig. Their case is supported by many locals and the Cairngorm Crofters and NFU however it has been objected to by neighbours. KVCC had not been aware of any local objection at the time of presentation and a neutral stance was taken at that time.

6 Reports & Correspondence :

6.1 Treasurer report :    Total expenses £253.99   £10.83 interest

6.2 Police report :  We expect the local liaison officer to attend the next meeting

6.3 New Development Building Gain : There are ongoing discussions about siting of 2nd bus stop

6.4 Repairs :  none

7 Kincraig Development Projects

7.1 Badenoch Storylands Interpretation Board : ready to go up

7.2 New Notice Board installation : awaiting erection

7.3  Ideas Bank for projects :none new

8 Correspondence

8.1 VABS survey : Further update expected following recent meeting .

8.2 RBLI Flag : With upcoming 80th anniversary of . RBLI has commissioned Flags and plaques. KVCC will purchase these & Jonnie has kindly offered to donate a flagpole to be erected near the War Memorial.

Any other Business

KVCC discussed using our list of elderly residents to advertise Transport for the Elderly options locally

Old Minutes Book : Currently kept by J Forbes Leith. Tom Ramage keen to use this for a newspaper article.

Russell Jones asks if locals are happy with 20 MPH speed within village boundaries and requests emails for support.

Date of next Meeting: Tuesday 11th June 24 at 7.00pm Kincraig Village Hall .


Community Council Meetings are ‘open meetings.’  All residents are welcome

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