Meeting held 7.00 pm on Tuesday 9th February 2021  by Video conference

Chair: Lesley Dudgeon   Treasurer Susan Libeks Secretary Geraldine Macnab

Present:  J Forbes Leith , D Falconer ,C Hayes ,I Ash ,T Vastano , S Mackenzie ,G Culpan ,L Mainland ,L Henderson, Cllr P Hadley

1.Welcome & Aplologies:The chair welcomed everyone to the meeting. Apologies received from  A Cairns & D Williamson. No declarations of interest were made.

2.Minutes of Last Meeting:

The minutes from 12thJan accepted.   Proposed: D Falconer  Seconded: S Libeks

3.Matters Arising:                                                

D Falconer has been contacting local councils regarding accessing Badenoch Hardship Fund. Karen Derrick will help manage once we have agreement from other councils.

4.Planning  & Roads

Renewal of Application 2020/0077/MSC  Erection of farm buildings

2020/0236/DET  Conversion of farm buildings

These works cannot be started before completion of A9 duelling roadworks.

Slow progress with signage which is needed for ‘The Brae’ Kincraig and also repair of lights on Kincraig Bridge. HC roads dept will action this.

Also discussed was HC planning advice for the Gallery. They must purchase signs and have them erected by HC before any work on the outdoor area can start, this is causing delays at present.


4.1.A9 Duelling . No public Inquiry is needed for Kincraig to Crubenmore stretch. It is hoped this will speed up works.

4.2.L Mainland- Youth Highland project. No progress at present.

4.3.  Badenoch Great Place Project – Winter talks planned. Available on Zoom starting  Wed 17thFeb, 10thMarch, 31stMarch. Contact Graham Fraser at  badenochheritage@gmail.comto book places

Local businesses will be encouraged to register on the BGPP App which will be used to direct tourism in the area.

Reports and Correspondence:

5.1. Treasurers Report :

Expenditure last month £3,116.45

Closing Balance  £29.68

Fund raised /Ringfenced account £9000.00

S Libeks advised that we do not have an inventory of items owned by KVCC. This will be checked over next month.

I Ash will discuss with locals the possibility of setting up a local donation fund to cover the costs of Christmas Lights.

5.2. Scottish Governments Communities Recovery Fund .This supports recovery from Covid19  1stOct – 31stMar.

5.3.Community Resilience Group Briefing.

5.4. Virtual Scottish Rural Parliament. Planned for March 2021

Any other Business.

L Henderson advised that the CNPA has bid for the Scottish National Lottery Heritage Fund and is in the final 12 projects.

This is to promote People and Nature working together and looking at climate change issues. The results will be known in June 2021 and it is hoped that local communities will be involved in the development of projects.

CPNA has employed 7 new Rangers in addition to the present Voluntary Rangers. These will deployed throughout the park to help with overcrowding in popular areas and manage any problems.

RSPB -Survey results not yet available

Date of next Meeting: Tuesday 9thMarch at 7.00pm by Video Conference