12thJanuary at 7pm 2021.


  1. Welcome, Apologies and Declarations of Interest.
  2. Present – Lesley Dudgeon, John Forbes-Leith, Deirdre Falconer, Susan Libeks, Caroline Hayes, Pippa Hadley, Silvie MacKenzie, Dermot Williamson, Gary Culpan, Ian Ash, David Pentland.

Apologies – Geraldine McNab, Alan Cairns, Toni Vastano

Minutes of Meeting held on the 8th December.- two mistakes in names to be corrected- Silvie MacKenzie and Dermot Williamson – and a 20mph speed limit was requested from the T junction down the entire length of the Brae.

Minutes proposed by John Forbes-Leith and seconded by Lesley Dudgeon.

  1. Matters Arising. DF emailed CNPA regarding possible funding from the Strategic Management Fund for path between bridge and loch side layby.




4.1 Update on Christmas Events. Presents for kids very well received, so thanks to Ashton and Karen for all their hard work in organising this.

The Christmas cards and vouchers for food were also very well received, and some lovely, appreciative emails were sent from recipients.

Thanks to Alvie School for the lovely cards, and to all the businesses who participated. Susan waiting on used vouchers back from businesses to make payment to them.

4.2 Dalnavert Notice Board. – Susan has bought the board and Silvie is arranging its erection.

4.3 Youth Highland – Louise Mainland. Louise was not in attendance, and Susan confirmed the cheque to Youth Highland had not yet been cashed.

4.4 Insh Marshes Community Council Response AND Insh Marshes Community Response. – thanks to Dermot for all of his research and hard work in composing a response to RSPB on behalf of local residents.  53 people signed the response, from across the vicinity area.

RSPB have been invited to attend our Feb meeting, once they have collated all of the responses that they received to their survey.

  1. Reports and Correspondence.

5.1 Treasurers Report. – SL gave an update on latest accounts. Silvie confirmed that the Foodbank had received the donation from the CC.

5.2 Funding available from the Scottish Government’s Communities Recovery Fund. DF suggested that we somehow make use of this fund to support vulnerable people in our communities.  This supports recovery from Covid 19 from the 1stOct – 31stMarch 2021.

DF to speak with Mark Tate from OneKiingussie, as well as KHS and Karen Derrick from VABs, to see if there are any areas where we can support people.

5.3 Nature Scot – New green recovery fund to help manage visitors at nature hotspots.

DF suggested that we apply to this fund for improvements along the roadside from the bridge to the church lay-by.  DF to investigate and get back to CC within a few days.

Any Other Business -Kincraig Bridge lights, HC have emailed stating they are on the list of repairs.

Fair Start advice to go on Facebook page and website

BGPP – DF urged everyone to participate as this project will bring much need tourism to our local villages once the pandemic is over.  IA and JFL already signed up.

Sustainable Estates – Jamie Williamson has agreed participate in this follow up survey, and LD will also be involved.

Date of next Meeting – 9th February 2021