Meet The Team

Name:  Gary Culpan
Position:  Chairperson

I am the General Manager of Balavil Estate and oversee the daily running of the business and manage the current building projects. This is my first year as a member of the Community Council, although I have been attending the meetings for the past 3 years. My background is mainly in the renovation of listed buildings. I am an ardent supporter of sustainable housing and environmental initiatives.

I look forward to being part of a strong team whose interest lies solely in representing the Local area.

Elected as Chair May 2023


Name:  John Forbes Leith
Position: Vice Chair

From Dunachton Lodge, Kincraig, John, who has 3 children, attended Alvie Primary for 14 years was tasked with setting up and running various businesses in Eastern Europe, mostly in Romania and took over running of Dunachton Estate over 25 years ago in 1990. Newly elected Vice Chair November 2019


Name: Geraldine McNab
Position: Secretary

I worked as a GP in Greenock until retirement. As a family, we had a strong connection to the Spey Valley having owned a cottage for many years and enjoying the outdoors. Resident of Insh. Joined the KVCC in 2019.


Name:  Susan Libeks
Position: Treasurer

Lives in the heart of Kincraig, since 1991, and loves village life.  Joined the Community Council initially to help organise the Burns Supper in 2014 and became a community councillor in 2017.  Works for the beautiful artisan Speyside Distillery at Glen Tromie outside Kingussie.  Used to regularly be on horseback riding the local trails, now seen cycling instead with her partner Keith. Treasurer since November 2019


Name:  Alan Cairns
Position: Community Councillor

I arrived in Kincraig 22 years ago, I am also on the village hall committee. I own the “easy jetting” business in the local area, running the local pub the Suie Bar and other adventurous occupations.


Name:  Jonny Freshwater
Position:  Community Councillor


Name:  David Kinnear
Position: Community Councillor


Name:  Ian Ash
Position: Associate Member

Initially from Dalraddy, then after my retirement from teaching in 2015 when I moved into Kincraig itself, I have very much enjoyed being part of this community.  Recently, through Kingussie High School I have been involved with the youth in the area but also in the community in general through a variety of projects. I now have a variety of post retirement jobs to keep me occupied from driving the Cairngorm Funicular Railway or organising the Snowsport Hosts for their winter season. Also serving up the odd focaccia at the Old Post Office Gallery or a pint at the Suie!

Community Councils are governed by the scheme of establishment.

This sets out how they should operate including elections, membership rules and meeting arrangements.