Meeting held 7.00pm on Tuesday 13th June 2023  Kincraig Community Hall


Chair: Gary Culpan   Treasurer Susan Libeks   Secretary Geraldine Macnab

Present: Gary Culpan , Sylvie McKenzie , Ian Ash , Susan Libeks ,Geraldine Macnab

In Attendance: Jane Miller Muirhead

1.Welcome & Aplologies: The chair welcomed everyone to the meeting.  Apologies received from:    J Forbes Leith , Alan Cairns , Russell Jones

2.Minutes of Last Meeting:

The minutes from Tues 9th May 2023     Proposed  G Culpan

                                                                         Seconded   I Ash

3.Matters Arising :

Pre approval of May 2023 AGM minutes for submission to Highland Council : No objections .

Community Resilience Grant -SSEN . S Libeks will follow up with L Dudgeon regarding progress with this.

  1. Business

4.1 – 23/02260 /LBC : Invereshie House Alterations     KVCC no comment

4.2 – 23/02490 /FUL : Tigh Na Coille , Solar Panels       KVCC no comment

4.3- 23/02536 /FUL : Realignment and re profiling of 45m of path /Land 70m NW of Speybank Walk Kincraig    KVCC will support this

4.4- 23/02051 /FUL : Use of garden room as short term letting unit  /Birchfield The Brae Kincraig PH21 1QD     KVCC has concerns as this was not indicated in the original planning application .

4.5- 23/02698 /FUL : Suie Hotel use as short term let and Bar.  KVCC neutral stance

4.6- Community Housing Project Balnespick . Noted to be in green field site outwith the Community Plan .  KVCC support Community housing projects in general but more information is needed before we can support this project.

5  Kincraig Development Projects.

5.1 Fundraising:

Various suggestions for future fundraising   1) Gala Day planned for 16/09/23   2) Consider Jumble Sale to run in tandem to Gala Day

3) Music and Ceilidh Evenings   4) Quiz Sheets .   All these options to be explored

5.2 Kincraig Path & new signs by Insh Church :

HC have all the paperwork . Awaiting final approval . S Libeks will ask Kenny Deans to help progress this.

5.3 Portaloo Toilets in the village :

No reply from previous email. G Macnab  redirect email to Kenny Deans.

5.4 Badenoch Storylands Bench Installation :

Story lands Bench to replace existing bench  near Speyside Way which will then move to war memorial.

5.5 Scotia Homes to reinstate footpath from new housing to Speybank

  1. Reports and Correspondence:

6.1 Treasurers Report :

£10.24 profit from interest since last minutes.  Non restricted Funds     £5943.99

                                                                                     Restricted Funds             £3240

6.2 Development Project report -I Ash

I Ash recommends more proactive approach by KVCC

20 MPH – proposed plan for villages . Meantime speeding still evident S Libeks will contact Police Aviemore asking for Kincraig Community Police representative to attend KVCC meetings.

Discussed possibility of Old Telephone Exchange being used to provide storage space. This may be a way of providing much needed funds.

S Libeks will contact C Hayes re keys.

Suie Bar provided £150 for village plants. J Muirhead will contact ‘Whopper ‘ to see if he could make planters.

Fence at Gallery Car Park needs replaced.

S Libeks will contact VABS to set up Community Development Plan.

Consider ways to increase access of all residents to Village Hall particularly the elderly.

7 Correspondence

7.1 The present Kincraig Welcome Sign Board is in the wrong position.

Proposed 2 new signs at either end of the village .Perhaps funded by local business and advertising local amenities.

J Muirhead will ask ‘Caroline’ to attend next meeting.

7.2 Loch Insh Parking

Overflow car park will be available once grass has been cut.’ No parking signs’ on roadside are in place

7.3 RSPB event May.  G Culpan attended. There are still differences in opinion as to how to improve the Marshes drainage. Dermot Williamson is still involved.

Any Other Business.

Fun Day Gala  16/09/23

Village Hall to be used as a Resilience Centre. SSEN funding is available for this. G Culpan  will look at application before end July 23.

Thanks to Des Jones who has built the new School Road Crossing shed. Much admired & appreciated

Date of next Meeting: Tuesday 8th August  at 7.00 pm Kincraig Community Hall


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