Meeting held 7.00pm on Tuesday 8th June 2021  by Video Conference

 Chair: Lesley Dudgeon   Treasurer Susan Libeks  Secretary Geraldine Macnab

Present:Deirdre Falconer , Gary Culpan , Sylvie McKenzie , Ian Ash

In Attendance:

1.Welcome, Aplologies Declarations of Interest :The chair welcomed everyone to the meeting.  Apologies received from      C. Hayes , J Forbes Leith , Alan Cairns .

No declarations of interest.

2.Minutes of Last Meeting:

The minutes from Tue 11th May 2021      Proposed  D. Falconer

Seconded   S.Libeks

3.Matters Arising:

Speed monitor now in place at Kincraig . 1 further monitor still to be erected.

Parking at the Church carpark for access to Loch Insh is becoming problematic. Large numbers of vehicles including several commercial outdoors companies regularly park there accessing the loch from the beach area which has problems with erosion. Long term solutions are needed and meetings with The Church , commercial companies and residents will be requested in the future.

20 MPH speed limit through village trials are currently being conducted in the Highland region and if successful Kincraig and Insh would be on a waiting list for this.

  1. Business

4.1 Footpath /Walkway from Kincraig Bridge.

Philip Thompson Ltd recently completed a feasibility study to link the Kincraig Bridge to the existing Speyside Way beyond Insh Church. The most cost effective option is Number 3 , an elevated path through the woods in this area. Jamie Williamson the owner of this land is willing to request funding for this from Nature Scot. We are hopeful that CNPA would agree to fund the shortfall of £26,896 to allow this to proceed. It has been recommended that we encourage as much local support as possible to support our grant application and KVCC will facilitate this.

4.2 Co-opt 2 members

Full members         1) Gary Culpan      Nominated by  S. Libeks.   Seconded by  L. Dudgeon.

2) Ian Ash              Nominated by  G. Macnab. Seconded by S. Libeks.

Associate members  1) Deirdre Falconer Nominated by G. Culpan. Seconded by I. Ash.

2) Sylvie McKenzie   Nominated by L. Dudgeon. Seconded by I. Ash

  1. Reports and Correspondence:

5.1 Treasurers Report :

£0.20p interest only change since last minutes

5.2 Pop-up Post Office.

It is hoped that Rosie will operate her Sourdough Bakery sales from the Village Hall  and other facilities such as the post office can operate in tandem allowing customers to use existing carpark.

5.3 Community Resilience Group Meeting.

KVCC to continue to meet online at present

5.4 Broadband Ardgeal.

Funding has been granted to allow erection of an aerial by Badenoch Broadband costing £12,000 at Ardgeal . KVCC has donated £250 towards this.

Any Other Business.

Reports of confusion for walkers using Speyside Way caused by out of date Badenoch Way signs. CNPA will be asked to review and remove where necessary.

Sign at Ardgeal for Private Road needs to be changed to No Vehicle Access.

Scottish Fire and Service will be invited to next meeting to discuss their New Long-term Vision

Date of next Meeting: Tuesday 13thJuly  at 7.00 pm

Community Council Meetings are presently being conducted by video conference due to COVID restrictions.

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