Meeting held 7.00pm on Tuesday 8th August 2023  Kincraig Community Hall.


Chair: Gary Culpan   Treasurer Susan Libeks Secretary Geraldine Macnab

Present: Gary Culpan ,Susan Libeks ,Ian Ash ,Alan Cairns , John Forbes Leith , Geraldine Macnab

In Attendance: Keith Taylor ,Nick &Caroline Thompson ,Mike Jones ,Sue Jones ,Jane Miller Muirhead .

1.Welcome & Aplologies: The chair welcomed everyone to the meeting.  Apologies received from     Russell Jones  ,Sylvie MacKenzie

2.Minutes of Last Meeting:

The minutes from Tue 13th June 2023      Proposed   S Libeks

                                                                         Seconded   G Culpan

3.Matters Arising:

SSEN Grant : No funds awarded from this.

We still do not have keys for the Electricity Station, to be addressed next meeting.

VABS on hold re Community Business Plan at the moment.

  1. Business

Planning & Roads

4.1 . 2023/0300/PPP Community Housing Project Balnespick

KVCC has been misrepresented in Planning Application Document . We do not support this specific project but in general support low cost community housing in appropriate locations supported by Housing Agencies ensuring that  ‘low cost ‘ is maintained

KVCC has concerns : regarding the proposed road junction on safety grounds .

                                    Natural Habitat  affect

                                    No local facilities for families in this location.

KVCC is aware of Local concerns and a delegation of local residents raised the following points

                                     Drainage is known to be an issue in this area , it is an area of High Risk of Flooding on the SEPA website and drains run under the proposed site.

                                    The Pylon Line of buried cables lies under the site

                                    The Housing would be visible to surrounding area.

Residents have asked that KVCC request a review of the Environmental Impact Assessment by CNPA as they feel that the full facts were not available at the time the assessment was done.

I Ash expressed concern that personal emails were revealed during the planning process.

  1. Reports :

5.1 Treasurers Report :

£11.23 Interest gain.

5.2 Developments Project Report :

Traffic Calming .S Libeks will request Police traffic monitoring on main road.

5.3 Building Gain from new Kincraig Housing Development of £10,000 was given to Highland Council by CNPA. Kincraig was not consulted and hopes to recover some of this money for local use.

5.4 Alvie Estate will provide 2 planters near War Memorial.

5.5 Fence at turning circle to be removed and Notice Board replaced.

5.6 ‘Repairs  needed in area’ to have regular record in agenda.

5.7 ‘Ideas bank for projects ‘ to be compiled

5.8 KVCC will support recent initiative of Friday Coffee Mornings by Allie Compston and hopefully this can be developed further.

6 Kincraig Development Projects :

6.1 Fundraising – Plan to have 3-4 events /year

     S.Libeks suggests a Ceilidh in March instead of Burns Supper.

6.2 Kincraig Path & new signs – Russell Jones will try to progress Planning Permission. Awaiting new signs.

6.3 Portaloo Toilets in village – Russell Jones has got CNPA agreement to fund 1 toilet for 6 weeks this year.

6.4 Badenoch Storyland bench will be installed

6.5 Scotia Homes will be asked to reinstate /upgrade the school footpath to Speybank .G Macnab will action this.

6.6 Kincraig Welcome Sign. I Ash will look at altering sign to prevent misdirection.


7.1 Roadside Mirror Drumguish . Not KVCC responsibility ,suggest contact Highland Council.

7.2 Nature Resilience Fund . These issues are addressed locally by RSPB

7.3 Irresponsible Camping. No local issues known

7.4 Community Partnership Meeting 16/8  J Forbes Leith will attend

7.5 Badenoch Great Place & Speyside Way signage for Village Hall and new path

Any Other Business.