Meeting held 7.00 pm on Tuesday  13thJuly 2021  by video conference


Chair: Lesley Dudgeon   Treasurer.  Susan Libeks Secretary.   Geraldine Macnab

Present:    C Hayes ,D Falconer ,G Culpan, I Ash, S McKenzie, J Forbes Leith


1.Welcome , Aplologies & Declarations of Interest :   The chair welcomed everyone to the meeting. Apologies from A Cairns.

No declarations of interest

2.Minutes of Last Meeting:   The minutes from Tue 8th June were agreed. Proposed by I Ash , seconded by G Macnab.

3.Matters Arising:    Awaiting repair of lamppost and erection of 2ndSpeed Monitor at Kincraig.

Fire Service Consultation– Presentation by Derek Wilson Local Senior Fire Officer

Presentation of New Vision for the Fire Service with Strategic Intent of making communities and staff safer and well supported .

Adhering to Principles of being Progressive ,People centred ,Inclusive and Connected.

Wildlands –Thomas MacDonnell.

Also present at this Discussion -Yolande Robertson Sr and Jr ,Margaret Kinsella, John and Gertie Barton.

Open discussion of Wildlands’ plans for the areas around Glen Feshie to Killiehuntly.

Current management is to keep deer number low allowing regeneration of existing woodlands. Small amount of supplementary planting also planned.

Wildland has no plans to alter farmland around Drumguish

There is consideration of using a road within the Estate to transport lumbar rather than using the B970 through Insh as at present. No definite plan for its route is yet known .

No plans to re introduce Apex predators at present.

Affordable Housing has been discussed but no plan as yet.

D Falconer expressed concern regarding significantly increased woodland around Drumguish cutting the village off and also an increased danger from any wildfires.

Drumguish residents raised issues by email and on facebook. Concerns regarding :The route of proposed road ,The impact on biodiversity due to loss of moorland and grazing areas,The increased risk of wildfires.

  1. Business


Planning & Roads

21/02498/FUL  Braeriach -Change of use from Guest House to House

KVCC neutral response

21/02966/FUL Installation of Air Source Pump – Grampian View

KVCC neutral response

21/02997/FUL  Erection of Wild Cat Enclosure – Highland Wildlife Park

KVCC fully support this planning application.


Kincraig Footpath Expenses -Initial expenses for Press and Application to Planning of £248.00 paid by KVCC. Other expenses will be paid directly by CNPA .


4.1RSPB Summary of Engagement  – KVCC not in favour of any of the current proposals . L Dudgeon will discuss further with Karen Birkby of RSPB.


5 Reports and Correspondence


5.1Treasurers Report – £0.10 interest payment only change in last month.

Current Account £3347.18                   Deposit Account £11751.50  Includes restricted funds of £4028.00

5.2 Pop up Post Office – Progress in application for this. Plan to operate 1 day/week .

5.3 Community Resilience Group Briefing – Since All Areas are moving to Group 0 we will consider if further meetings can be actual rather than virtual.

5.4Safe Drinking Water – Aviemore .  Further to Aviemore’s change to Chloramination of the water supply some years ago there is to be further examination of this.

5.5Margaret Kinsella – Erosion of Feshiebridge riverbank. There are now multiple paths at the river access .This land is owned by Forestry land Scotland and KVCC will flag this issue up to FLS as a safety issue.

5.6 CNPA Your Views – This will be filled in personally by Members.

5.7 Managing for Visitors – A Voice for Communities & Residents  – Thurs 29thJuly 2pm. Details on Website

5.8 Suidhe Woods- Dunachton Estate are keen to create a new native pinewood on An Suidhe Kincraig . More details on Facebook page.


Any Other Business.

Progress has been made with compiling a selection of CNPA local community footpath maps of walks around Kincraig