Meeting held 7.00 pm on Tuesday 13th October 2020 by video conference

Chair: Lesley Dudgeon   TreasurerSusan Libeks SecretaryGeraldine Macnab

Present: C Hayes ,J Forbes Leith ,D Falconer

In Attendance: G Culpan, Cllr P Hadley ,S Mackenzie .


1.Welcome & Aplologies:The chair welcomed everyone to the meeting , and expressed concern over the short comings of communicating remotely . Apologies received from A Cairns.

2.Minutes of Last Meeting:

Minutes reviewed and agreed . Proposed by S Libeks and seconded by L Dudgeon.

3.Matters Arising:

Still awaiting a date for erection of speed signs .S Libeks has had difficulty contacting HC roads dept. and P Hadley will try to expedite this.

Badenoch Great Place Project are still keen to recruit local people to help. They will put communication boards in each area to harness local stories and history.

Anyone who feels they have a story to share should contact Karen Derrick at VABS.

Louise Mainland from Kincraig is also keen to hear stories which will be represented with art.


4.Planning  & Roads

20/03499/FUL –Replacement garage and holiday let unit, Oak Bank ,Speybank Walk , Kincraig.

KVCC neutral stance

20/02963/FUL –Erection of Bothy and access track.SE 515M Farmhouse Killiehuntly

20/02964/FUL –Erection of Bothy, 400M SW Farmhouse Killiehuntly

This application has been pulled in by CNPA. Plan is for 2 luxury bothies for let in remote area owned by Wildland.

KVCC concerns re access and visibility to  surrounding area. Neutral stance.

20/03724/FUL –Conversion of Farm buildings to Visitor Facilities. Commercial use ,Café and Parking.

This already has planning permission and is for extension of time only.

A9 Compound – This has now been removed from the local CNPA Plan

Repairs of public right of way at Drumguish  has now been completed. Partially resurfaced by Wildland and much improved . KVCC would like to thank Wildland.

4.1 KVCC now has a Zoom Licence. Purchased for £143.68 which will be reimbursed by VABS.

This licence can be used by any groups within the community.

Please contact S Libeks if you want to arrange use.

4.2Insh Marshes. RSPB are currently looking at methods of controlling flooding in the Marsh area which due to climactic changes is gradually worsening causing particular concerns in some areas,

They are keen to guage local public opinion and knowledge and plan to do this over next few months.

4.3Christmas tree , Balavil have kindly agreed to donate a tree.

KVCC will investigate cost of festive street lighting from HC and plan to again run  a Light Up Your Garden competition this year.

4.4Christmas events

Carol Singing and Childrens Christmas Party are unlikely to happen due to COVID restrictions

KVCC will try to organise a voucher system for Local Seniors to use at local venues over the festive period.

The Gallery ,The Suie , LochInsh Boathouse all at Kincraig, Rowantree and Lunchbox boys.

4.5Alvie Primary School .Louise Mainland has requested funding towards a partnership with Youth Scotland.

This would enable the children to establish clubs such as gardening and other community projects.

Asked for a letter to confirm her project and we can consider funding from KVCC youth project retained funds.

  1. Reports and Correspondence

5.1 Treasurers report.

Income- Highland Council Grant  £493.03

Expenditure – Zoom Licence £144.88  ,Memorial Tubs £26.24

Working Balance £1021,79                  Deposit Acc £14,009.94


5.2 Badenoch Heritage Festival  26th-30thOctober   Online


Any other Business

The bridge over Leault Burn on the B9172 has now been partially repaired .HC will complete this work.