Meeting held 7.00 pm on Tuesday 10th October at Kincraig Village Hall

Chair: Gary Culpan   Treasurer Susan Libeks Secretary Geraldine Macnab

Present:  G Culpan , Alan Cairns  ,Susan Libeks , Geraldine Macnab ,Ian Ash , Johnny Freshwater , David Kinnear

1.Welcome, Aplologies & Declarations of Interest: The chair welcomed everyone to the meeting  . Apologies received from J Forbes Leith , S MacKenzie . No Declarations of Interest

2.Minutes of Last Meeting:

Minutes reviewed and agreed . Proposed by A Cairns and seconded by I Ash.

3.Matters Arising:

Kincraig Path update not yet available awaiting decision on Barrier

4.Planning  & Roads:

4.1 Repair to Bridge lights outstanding. I Ash will speak to Alan Marshall regarding this

4.2 Discussed possibility of reducing hours of street lighting to improve ‘Dark Sky’ in area. Also noted that LED lights already in place in Kincraig are less light polluting.

  1. Reports:

5.1 Treasurers report : £200 left over from Grant returned to Highland Council.

£12.00 spent on flowers & £9.58 accrued Interest. Note , NO income this year.

5.2. New Development Building Gain. Russell Jones is following this up. £ 10,000 given to Highland Council which should be used for local improvements. . RJ to report to KVCC next meeting.

  1. Kincraig Development Projects:

6.1 The Gallery at Kincraig keen to consider use of Old Telephone Exchange as storage, they will negotiate with J Forbes Leith. Positioning a portaloo on that site if funded by Highland Council would be ideal. Will Ask Russell Jones to report on this next meeting.

6.2 Fundraising -Date decided for 2/03/24 Dance and Auction. Alan will arrange bar , band to be arranged.

Plan to have live auction  , silent auction and tombola. Price to be around £15.00 /person

6.3 Kincraig Path update – S Libeks met with CNPA who have agreed to cover extra costs allowing contracted firm to complete all work.

6.4 Badenoch Storylands will provide boards for Village  Hall and Speyside Way J.Freshwater will also request board for Watersports Centre.

6.5 Scotia Homes are working on reinstating Speyside Way footpath to school and widening the school road access. R Jones will follow up regarding reinstating footpath to SpeyBank

6.6 Ideas Bank for Projects – Create Spur from Speyside Way to Loch Insh

6.7 Cleaning and widening of path from Shinty Pitch to Watersports area  and the path from The Brae to The Suie needed. Shore Path at Watersports eroded.

6.8 Traffic calming – Police have been asked to attend for monitoring. Also noted that Police are obliged to attend CC meetings 2x/year.

  1. Correspondence:

7.1 Community Council Elections /Nominations – GC ,GM & JFL have not yet completed process .SL will follow this up + arrange for IA nomination.

7.2 Review of Polling Districts – no change for Kincraig

7.3 Play Strategy Consultation – KVCC will ensure that local children and schools are aware of this.

7.4 Kincraig Community Action Plan – New plan needed for the area. This will be facilitated by VABS . GM & GC have agreed to attend steering group.

7.5 West Lothian CC

Any Other Business

8.1 Armistice Day – 3 wreaths from Schools and KVCC ordered. SL will contact Police for traffic control at event. I Ash will arrange piper and JFL will attend.

8.2 Senior Christmas Lunch – Loch Insh Boathouse will provide lunch and Balavil will donate refreshments. Ticket price £15.00 .

8.3 Christmas – KVCC will donate £200.00 for Children’s Party. Balavil will donate Christmas Tree . No new Lights needed this year

Date of next Meeting: Tuesday 14/11/2023  at 7.pm , additional meeting 25/10/23 for nominations.

Community Council Meetings are ‘open meetings.’  All residents are welcome

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