MEETING MINUTES - Tuesday 12th September 2023: 7pm, Kincraig Community Hall, Wainford Room

In attendance: John Forbes-Leith(JFL); Susan Libeks(SL); Alan Cairns(AC); Ian Ash(IA); Lesley Dudgeon(LD); Sylvie Mackenzie(SM); Russell Jones(RJ); Douglas Carchie

  1. Apologies: Gary Culpan; Geraldine McNab
  2. Minutes of the last meeting: Proposed and accepted by SL, seconded by AC
  3. Matters arising Details on agenda

Presentation from Douglas Carchrie 

Badenoch and Strathspey Trail Development Coordinator Cairngorms National Park (CNP)

                  Douglas presented the proposed new trails for Feshiebridge Forestry area – the purpose of which is to try and attract cyclists away from Capercaillie breeding areas.

                  Discussions: no actual objections re the development as it is already a well used cycling area – but existing parking restrictions at Feshiebridge, compounded by outdoor activity groups using the Feshie for river tubing would mnean this development may cause increased pressure.

                  RJ will take our comments forward with CNP

4.      Planning & Roads

4.1    (exp date 16/9) 23/03516/FUL erection of pod for short term let. Gardener’s Cottage, Lynwilg, PH22 1PZ

                  Neutral stance from KVCC on this plan.

No updates available on short term let licensing and deadlines.

5.      Reports

5.1         Treasurers Report

Income £6.32; Expenditure £60

Balance of Funds: £9141.54 ( Restricted Funds £3200)

5.2         Community partnership Meeting 16th August (JFL)

Unfortunately no one was able to attend this meeting from KVCC

5.3     New Development Building Gain (IA)

          Highland Council received £10k for the new housing development in Kincraig, nothing was paid to CNP. RJ will liaise to try and get some monies for the village. Especially for repair to the footpath from the new estate to Speybank. Possibly a new bus stop.

5.4.   Repairs report : Street lighting problems on the bridge and roadside to the church – IA will report to council to get work done. RJ to support Potholes have been fixed.

6.      Kincraig Development Projects

6.1         Fundraising – date to be agreed for March event

Date agreed as Saturday March 2nd. IA to book Hall, AC to sort Bar, SL to liaise with AC re entertainment.

All to ask around for auction item donations. KVCC fundraiser for village facilities.

6.2         Kincraig Path update – work starts on barrier week commencing 2/10/23

6.3         Badenoch Storylands Bench & information boards installation – SL to liaise re info boards, IA on bench.

6.4         Scotia Homes reinstate footpath from new housing to Speybank  - see 5.3

6.5         Kincraig Visitor signage  - IA has amended the wording and installed cones to resolve the problems raised by residents at The Knoll

6.6         Portaloos update – toilet project to be taken forward by sub committee: IA, JFL, RJ and Kenny Deans ( elected member CNP) Date agreed at the meeting.

6.7         Ideas Bank for Projects- projects to be costed and ready for next available funding availability, including welcome to Kincraig signs at each end of the village, Toilets, Speed Calming

Traffic Calming – SL to ask roads to paint speed numbers onto the roads - top of The Brae and Entrance to village. Issues re speeding vehicles, locals and buses, photos to be taken and reported back to local businesses.

7.      Correspondence

7.1         Community Council Elections- reminder to get all councillors to apply to stay on council by October 2nd and encourage some new members as we are currently 2 short for a full council.

7.2         Christmas Lunch – SL to ask Loch Insh for available dates and prices. SL will liaise but due to lack of available funds ask our Seniors to pay for their meals. Ask for a sponsor for comp drinks - Anyone unable to join the event – for mobility or other reasons - Kingussie Council will support with home deliveries again.

7.3         Beavers- are being introduced into various areas of the CNP

7.4         Kincraig Community Boundary – issued by Highland Council no obvious changes to the boundary of KVCC area

Any Other Business

 JFL presented Lesley Dudgeon with a thank you gift for her many years of service to Community Council

Thank you to Alvie Estate for the planter boxes at the war memorial.

Next meeting Tuesday October 10th